Kamis, 31 Mei 2012

Boobs Need Your Help.

This a post from the forums, from a very dear friend of mine, named m0ds (lol). He's working on promoting his own game, and needs 2000$, the pledge so far has been around 1800, so he's missing very little and there are less than 20 hours left. If anyone would bother to read and spare a few dollars it would be lovely.

You can contribute to help us have it ready by early 2013 (if the target is met), and this also acts as a method to pre-order as the game is commercial... be a sexy hero of some kind, help us out!

It started as a joke idea from an early AGS discussion about adult games being made in AGS. It's been on a long journey but finally the production is moving along steadily now, enough to finally warrant a games in production thread, after a good ten years without one.

Kinky Island is an adult adventure in which you control Joey, a naive and sexually frustrated young dude - transported to a glorious tropical paradise where all his frustrations can be answered, providing he's not being distracted by it's uncanny similarities to a point and click adventure, like Flight of the Amazon Queen or something.

You may have played the demo in which case you'll remember it once looked like this:

Well now, thanks to the guys who saw an adventure game demo plea and 'Saved Kinky Island' have upgraded it in all respects to make it look more like this:

There are various thrilling places to explore on the island, including a path, a forest and a tree stump. We have however had to use some pretty mundane places like a pleasure beach, fairground and palace. See for yourself how old locations have been brought to life, and realize just how 2D the ones you've not seen yet will be when it's done:

Old gift shop

New gift shop (WIP)

We are aiming to have it ready by roughly this time next year, that gives us about a year to get it finished. Yes, there is nudity, yes, there is bad langauge - but it's not all gratuitous sex. The game is a parody on point & click adventures and is heavily inspired by games like Amazon Queen and Teen Agent. The humor is silly and quite frankly the plot is ludicrous, but it's a comedy romp that I hope will appeal to both sexes albeit MADE BY A BUNCH OF BLOKES.

Get some awesome stuff in the game

All that's left to say that as progress is made the thread will be updated, and thanks for reading and showing an interest. Much appreciate everyone who played the demo and have kept up the hype for the game. I know it has inspired me and I hope this thread will help motivate the other team members, I'm sure you'll agree they're really making something epic out of a game that could go either way... because it's bi. Bi Screen7, I'll have you know.

Lotte, who is like Trinity from the Matrix, only called Lotte, and not Trinity, cos that would be copyright infringement

LeChuck, who is like LeChuck from Monkey Island, but is actually LeChuck from Kinky Island. Please don't sue

And that about sums it up. An important answer to an important question is, yes this will cost a little bit to buy. I assure you the game will have plenty of treats for point & click fans, providing you can get over the fact there are some pixelated boobs in the game. Thank you for reading, and see you on Kinky Island! No matter how stupid and impossible that phrase may be.

Senin, 28 Mei 2012

3 Kesalahan Umum Content Blog

Sebagai seorang Blogger, tentunya aktivitas posting content adalah suatu hal yang bisa dikatakan rutin. Namun, dalam membuat posting, tentunya kita ingin meraih target atas penulisan posting tersebut, salah satunya adalah membanjirnya visitor. Namun, tak mudah untuk mewujudkan semua itu. Berikut adalah tiga kesalahan umum content blog yang harus dihindari agar target yang ingin anda capai bisa terwujud :
Judul Yang Membosankan
Judul content anda pada dasarnya adalah sebuah headline untuk artikel Anda, yang perlu dimodifikasi untuk menarik perhatian dan menarik pembaca mengunjungi content anda. Buat judul content semenarik mungkin, itu akan membuat content anda menarik untuk dikunjungi.
Tidak Memiliki Tujuan yang Jelas 
Tujuan penulisan posting harus anda buat, hal ini harus diperhatikan agar anda tahu apa yang ingin anda dapatkan, dan apa yang pengunjung dapatkan. Sehingga, dalam content anda tersebut mempunyai nilai plus, tak hanya bagi anda, namun juga bagi visitor blog anda.

Tidak Tahu Target Audiens Anda
Tidak tahu target audiens anda akan membuat anda membuat posting secara asal-asalan. Karena anda tidak tahu apa yang audiens inginkan dan apa yang mereka cari di content anda. Kenali dulu target audiens anda agar audiens anda nyaman menikmati content-content anda.

Rabu, 23 Mei 2012

It's a catastrophy!

With kittens.

An AGS engine based game by Liquid Nitrogen, where kittens are missing. It's designed mostly by a nine year old gal, with the help of her father, which adds up to cuteness. So, stop reading this and clickity click this to take you to the game.

Also read some few words from IndieGames dot com. Ms Cassandra Khaw namely.

Kamis, 17 Mei 2012

Pre-ordering open on Resonance

Leading up to the June 19 launch, Resonance can be preordered in both digital download and physical formats:
  • GOG.com is offering a digital preorder brimming with goodies that include desktop wallpapers, a digital poster (suitable for printing), the game's MP3 soundtrack, a "behind the scenes" video, and video developer diaries. GOG's Resonance download, available on June 19, will be DRM-free. The regular $9.99 price is discounted 10% to $8.99 during the preorder period. For more details, visit: http://www.gog.com/en/gamecard/resonance
  • Wadjet Eye Games is offering a limited edition disc version that will only be available for purchase during the preorder period. The disc version will be packaged in a collectable box with a printed Resonance poster. The MP3 soundtrack and other digital goodies will be included on the game CD. The $24.99 price includes worldwide shipping, and customers who preorder the limited edition will also get free access to a Resonance download on launch day. For more details, visit: http://www.resonance-game.com/preorder

Senin, 14 Mei 2012

It's the bundle time of the year.

Well, let's face it, we all secretly adore that trend that took over the forums during 2010. A random combination of words, approved by ddq, and created by Snake was taken over by Ben304 and into a game, that created a RON-like universe.

So Ponch, a mastermind behind bundles (or so I keep hearing), has decided to force me to finish my paper and also has forced two other forumites to make a 3-game bundle.

The Oceanhumble Dennisbundle

First up, Ghost serves up a peek into Dennis' childhood:

Then Ponch kills some time with Ray in The City:

And finally Ben304 takes us to strange new places:

Sabtu, 12 Mei 2012

Cari Uang Online dengan Mengetik Captcha


ProTypers adalah konglomerat ahli dalam entri data. ProTypers bekerja terutama pada mengkonversi dokumen yang dipindai dari gambar ke teks untuk lembaga di Amerika Utara dan Eropa. ProTypers juga menawarkan jasa kepada pengembang Imaging Jaringan Syaraf Teks dan menyediakan decoding CAPTCHA untuk tunanetra (buta).

Saat ini ProTypers sedang merekrut personil entri data dari seluruh dunia. Satu-satunya persyaratan untuk bekerja bagi ProTypers adalah memiliki komputer, koneksi internet dan kemampuan untuk mengetik lebih dari 30 Kata per Menit. Anda bisa memutuskan kapan harus bekerja dan untuk berapa lama. Semakin cepat Anda mengetik, semakin banyak uang yang Anda peroleh.

ProTypers.com sangat ideal untuk :

     Ibu yang tinggal di rumah.
     Orang tua yang perlu pekerjaan kedua.
     Siapapun Yang Butuh Pekerjaan

Berapa banyak yang anda peroleh tergantung pada seberapa banyak Anda bekerja. Typers utama kami mendapatkan antara $ 100 dan $ 250 setiap bulan ! Harga ProTypers mulai dari $ 0,50 untuk setiap 1000 kata diketik dan bisa lebih sampai $ 1,5 untuk setiap 1000 kata diketik. ProTypers membayar penghasilan Anda melalui Kartu Debet, Cek Bank, Paypal, WebMoney, Liberty Reserve dan Western Union.

Register Now !!

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2 Reason About Having an Online Business Benefits

There are an incredible amount of benefits of starting your own online business. If you're still on the fence about it, I think you should take some time out to really reflect about what the next income opportunity that will be next for you. If you hate working a job, then obviously a business is for you.And if you want to own a business, you will have to decide whether or not the business will be offline or online. And since you're reading this lesson here today, I'm assuming that you want to start an online business - which is a smart thing for so many reasons. The internet is an awesome place to sell things without having a brick and mortar business that you have to go to manage employees everyday. So let's get started talking about why you should enter into an online business, and the benefits that it has to offer. To me, just the idea of owning my own internet business gets me excited, and makes me want to do better for myself. This is why my business is successful, and is also why many people choose to do an online business as their favorite way to make money in their spare time. 

Here's online marketing benefit number 1:
1) Costs are low.
To get started with your own online business, the costs of doing business are incredibly low. There are some money making business opportunities out there that don't even require you to have your own website or even an email autoresponder. That's how cheaply you can begin making money online without doing much of setting everything up.This isn't like an offline business where you have to pay rent, manage employees, manage inventory, visit the store every so often, work there yourself, and etc. You can run your entire business on a computer, and come out incredibly profitable in the end. It's really that easy. 

Here's another benefit of online marketing:
2) Getting customers is easy
Did you know that it's easier to sell a $37 product online than it is to sell it offline? It's true, and this is just one more reason why I love marketing on the internet. You can sell all kinds of high priced products online, and people will sit there and buy it from you also. So yes, getting customers is very easy to do online.And the more customers you get, the more money you will make in your business - because 80% of your total business income will come from sales from recurring customers (we call this "backend marketing"). Getting customers can be as easy as pie - especially if you know how to get alot of traffic back to your website.You will want to consider these 2 benefits of online marketing today if you want to have a booming business. Despite today's economy, you can still make money online, and now is the best time to start one - especially if you've recently just lost your job, and only have limited amounts of money to spend on advertising and marketing.Good luck with keeping these benefits in mind when it comes to earning more money in your business today.

Senin, 07 Mei 2012

New poll

For the first time in ages I've added a poll: this one is on the redesign of the AGS website and forum. Let us know your thoughts!

AGS Awards results out

So the awards ceremony ran over the weekend and the results are out. Pretty good night for Wadjet Eye games (who have also just got approval for Resonance to head to Steam) with Blackwell Deception and Gemini Rue walking off with a lot of awards!

You can read the IRC log of the ceremony here.

Minggu, 06 Mei 2012

Iklan Internet Murah Efektif Berkualitas Indonesia

Iklan Internet Murah Efektif Berkualitas Indonesia- Di Indonesia, setiap harinya muncul ribuan bisnis baru, tercatat sudah jutaan wirausahawan yang ada saat ini. Tak banyak yang bisa bertahan dan tetap menjual produknya, bahkan terkadang bisnis itu harus gulung tikar. Meskipun kita ketahui, tak sedikit pula yang mampu bertahan dalam rintangan bisnisnya. Untuk itulah diperlukan promosi, sebagai sarana yang efektif untuk membangun komunikasi antara pengusaha dengan calon konsumen. Banyak bentuk iklan yang bisa dipilih sebagai sarana yang murah dan efektif serta berkualitas, diantaranya adalah memasang iklan lewat Internet.

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Iklan Internet Murah Efektif Berkualitas Indonesia

SITTI 359 adalah layanan iklan internet yang murah dan efektif dari SITTI Indonesia yang bisa anda jadikan pilihan sebagai situs iklan terbaik untuk mempromosikan usaha anda. Dimana SITTI 359 memberikan beberapa keuntungan kepada anda sebagai pemasang iklan. Diantaranya yaitu :

1. Impresi Gratis
Dengan menggunakan sistim PPC atau Pay Per Click, Anda akan membayar ketika ada orang yang tertarik dengan produk anda dan meng-klik tayangan tersebut. Anda tidak akan dikenai biaya jika memang tidak ada yang meng-klik tayangan iklan produk anda.

2. Anggaran yang Fleksibel
Berapapun anggaran yang anda miliki, iklan bisa tetap tayang dan menghasilkan penjualan.

3. Mudah dalam Menghitung Konversi
Di SITTI 359 bisa melihat statistik lengkap berapa orang yang berminat dengan produk anda, yang meng-klik tayangan produk anda dan biaya yang harus dikeluarkan, sehingga Anda bisa menghitung konversi penjualan atau kesuksesan atas promosi anda.

4. Iklan yang Kontekstual dan Relevan
Tayangan Iklan produk hanya akan tampil di halaman-halaman website / blog yang memang berminat dengan produk anda. Sehingga iklan menjadi efektif dan tertarget.

5. Jangkauan Luas
Tayangan produk anda akan menjangkau 50 juta pengguna internet di Indonesia dan akan dilihat 500 juta pasang mata.

6. Berbahasa Indonesia
Target market adalah Indonesia, itulah kenapa SITTI 359 cocok sebagai sarana promosi anda. Karena SITTI359 adalah media beriklan asli dari Indonesia.

7. Geo Targeting
Anda bisa memilih target market anda, sehingga iklan akan menjadi sebuah promosi yang efektif serta menghasilkan penjualan.

8. Mudah dalam Pengoperasian
Anda bisa menciptakan tampilan anda sendiri dengan panduan pada SITTI 359, tak sampai lima menit, iklan anda akan tampil sesuai dengan yang anda inginkan.

9. Iklan bersaing dengan produk-produk terkenal.
Penayangan iklan SITTI 359 adalah berdasarkan kata kunci, jadi besar kemungkinan iklan produk anda bersanding dengan produk-produk branded berkualitas lainnya.

iklan internet murah efektif berkualitas indonesia

Iklan Internet Murah Efektif Berkualitas Indonesia

Sabtu, 05 Mei 2012

Resonance Preview: Mind=Blown

Alright, I'm going to start right ahead on the important statements that need to be said. As a person I get overexcited over anything. That usually raises my expectations exponentially. Usually they are never met. Resonance is the exception to that rule. A game fueled till about a year with the sheer determination of its members, is now under the hands of Dave Gilbert.

I've personally played the demo handed to me via e-mail, so you're in luck. I can't tell if the game is fantastic or great or awesome, even though I probably should. But it has all the potentials to surpass the huge legacy Gemini Rue created, and put AGS and of course its team, in the mouths of simply everyone.

Graphically wise the game looks astonishing. The animation is very fluent and the character sprites are drawn by Shane Stevens in a way that they blend almost perfectly with the background art. As for the backgrounds themselves, they are undoubtedly amazing. A terrible amount of detail has been put into them, and they all glow a majestic feel, with their vibrant colors and shapes. The sound and music are composed by a fellow greek, Nikolas Sideris. The melodies have a bladerunneresque feel to them and fit every scene better than perhaps they were designed to be.

The story, that I'd prefer not to bother with any detail or at all for spoilers sake, and the dialogs have been co-written by the whole team, mostly by Vince Twelve, and are my favorite aspect about this game.

Every line feels natural and well delivered by the voice acting. After playing for about 30 minutes, I realized I haven't skipped a single dialog, which is totally unlike me. The game offers many choices that made me feel, as if I was living the story/character.

You have to be a fool to overlook Resonance. And a complete and total one at that.

Koleksi Amazon Buy Button

Untuk posting kali ini tidak jauh beda dengan posting saya tentang Amazon sebelumnya [ Baca : Kumpulan Action Button Amazon ]. Namun untuk Amazon Buy Button kali ini lebih variatif, karena tidak mencantumkan embel-embel Amazon di dalamnya. Dengan tampilan yang menarik, diharapkan visitor pada website / blog Amazon kita akan ter-convert menjadi seorang Buyer.

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amazon, add to cart, shopping, shopping cart, amazon order, blog amazon, amazon mini site, amazon strike blueprint, trik amazon, amazon buyer

amazon, add to cart, shopping, shopping cart, amazon order, blog amazon, amazon mini site, amazon strike blueprint, trik amazon, amazon buyer

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Bukti Pembayaran Pertama dari iPanelOnline Indonesia

Ini adalah bukti transfer saldo Paypal dari iPanel Online Indonesia ke rekening saya sebesar $1.79 USD, ( kena potong $0.39 USD ) sebagai pembayaran pertama saya mengikuti survey yang diberikan iPanel Online Indonesia. Bagi yang belum mengetahui iPanel Online Indonesia, silahkan klik disini >> iPanel Online Indonesia

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Disini secara singkat akan saya jabarkan apa itu iPanel Online Indonesia.

iPanel Online adalah Layanan Internet untuk sebuah komunitas besar yang ada di seluruh negara, semua sistem yang ada pada iPanel adalah melalu pemberian poin dan penghargaan kepada Anggota. 1 poin iPanel=100 IDR, semua kegiatan didalam iPanel, Anda akan diberikan hadiah berupa poin yang dan menjadi keuntungan, karena melalui poin-poin ini Anda dapat menukarkannya menjadi uang tunai,hadiah berupa barang,bentuk penghargaan lainnya , dan lain-lain.

Bagi yang ingin mendaftar iPanel Online, silahkan mendaftar DISINI, dan dapatkan bonus serta hadiah menarik lainnya.

Ceremony is Closing in

Well, since the ceremony is closing in, you should let bicilotti know. Click here and vote when you are available. Ideally send a fat check to the italian mob.

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Cara Mendaftar Google Adsense Lewat Indyarocks.com

Meskipun akhir-akhir ini badai banned Google Adsense menghantui para Publisher Adsense di Indonesia, namun tidak ada salahnya untuk mencoba berbagi cara mendaftar account adsense ini. Cara ini sebenarnya sudah lama muncul, hanya saja baru saya posting kali ini, karena saya telah menemukan keuntungan dalam mendaftar Account Adsense lewat Indyarocks ini. Beberapa kali saya mendaftar Account Adsense hanya dalam waktu 2-3 hari lewat Indyarocks ini. Berikut ScreenShotnya :

hanya dalam semalam, saya sudah punya tambahan 1 account adsense lagi

Kembali ke Cara Mendaftar Account Adsense,

1. Silahkan Masuk ke Indyarocks.com

2. Klik Tombol "Join Now"

3. Maka akan muncul formulir pendaftaran Indyarocks seperti dibawah ini :

4. Silakan isi formulir pendaftaran tersebut, anda juga bisa mengkoneksikan account Facebook anda ( lihat panah ) ke account Indyarocks. Setelah semua bagian terisi, silahkan klik "Sign Up"

5. Anda akan menerima konfirmasi sebagai berikut untuk mengimport contact anda ( Dalam hal ini tergantung anda sendiri, akan mengimport contact atau tidak. Jika tidak, silahkan klik "I will do later":

6. Setelah itu akan muncul form konfirmasi Nomor Handphone oleh Indyarocks

7. Silahkan isi nomor handphone anda sebagai konfirmasi bahwa anda bukan robot. ( Ini penting agar account anda tidak dicurigai, selain itu pendaftaran Adsense nantinya juga akan semakin mudah di approve )

8. Maka muncul permintaan nomor verifikasi yang dikirimkan ke handphone anda.

9. Masukkan nomor verifikasinya.

10. Setelah itu, anda akan digiring ke halaman profile account Indyarocks anda.

11. Selamat, account Indyarocks anda sudah jadi. Untuk Mendaftar account adsense, silahkan ke sini

12. Maka akan muncul halaman seperti ini :

13. Silahkan klik pada arah yang ditunjukkan tanda panah. Maka akan muncul pop-up syarat untuk mendaftar account Adsense lewat Indyarocks.

Syarat Mendaftar Adsense lewat Indyarocks :
          1. Lengkapi profile anda paling tidak 50%
          2. Upload photo profile anda
          3. Upload koleksi photo anda, usahakan bukan foto tokoh / kartun
          4. Buat posting blog minimum 2 post dan setting privacy diubah menjadi "everyone"

14. Setelah anda melengkapi syarat-syarat di atas, kembali ke langkah no. 13. Ikuti segala petunjuk yang tertera. ( Mungkin untuk pendaftaran pertama butuh waktu lama agar diapprove, sekitar 2-3 bulan ).

15. Ketika 1 e-mail anda sudah diapprove, ganti e-mail yang lain untuk "ternak account adsene"

Itulah tadi beberapa langkah untuk mendaftar account Adsense lewat Indyarocks.com. Memang cukup ribet, namun ketika satu account adsense anda sudah di approve, maka account kedua dan ketiga akan sangat cepat diapprove. Maaf bila ada sedikit kesalahan dalam mengatur tata kalimat di tutorial ini. Untuk segala pertanyaan, silahkan diajukan pada kolom komentar atau di Official Fan Page