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Teknik Mengakali Search Engine Lewat Doorway

situs redirect
Bermain-main dengan keyword tentunya sangat mengasyikkan, hingga beberapa cara pun akan ditempuh untuk memperoleh hasil yang maksimal. Namun meski begitu, Ada dua hal yang mendasari Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) , yaitu ada yang menyebut dengan White SEO dan Black SEO. Keduanya mirip dengan istilah komunitas keamanan di dunia internet. Hacker untuk White, dan Cracker untuk yang Black.

Posting kali ini akan menjabarkan tentang masalah doorway page, yang berarti apabila search engine menemukan salah satu keyword pada sebuah site ( namun pada akhirnya bukan itu site destinationnya ) maka meta refresh yang akan mengambil alih langkah ini. Yang dibutuhkan untuk teknik ini hanyalah situs redirect  yang sudah terkenal di dunia maya. Jadi tak perlu kemampuan ahli dalam kode HTML. Mungkin anda sering mendengar tentang situs atau, tinggalkan sementara 2 website tersebut, kita beralih ke website yang sejenis. ( Teknik ini baru diujikan di Yahoo dan Bing, dan belum teruji untuk GOOGLE ).Karena kita tahu, Googel adalah satu-satunya search engine besar dan tentunya memiliki infrastruktur yang sangat mumpuni. ( Sekedar informasi, Google sangat membenci Doorway )

Redirect atau bisa dikatakan pemendekan, biasanya digunakan situs microblogging seperti twitter yang digunakan untuk menghemat 140 karakter yang disediakan twitter. Namun masalahnya, redirect client yang terintegrasi dengan twitter melakukan redirect secara otomatis.

Nah, pada posting ini kita akan bermain keyword dengan situs luar yang sering digunakan twitter. Beberapa diantaranya adalah,,, dan Sebagai user, kita bebas mengubah akhiran yang tentunya merupakan sebauh keyword. Contoh pada, masukkan URL posting yang ingin digunakan, ( ingat, posting, bukan Top Level Domain ). Pada kolom tag, masukkan keyword yang kamu maksud, setelah itu, klik shorten. Maka yang muncul adalah

Cukup mudah kan bermain dengan keyword ??? Teknik ini tidak memerlukan tabungan backlink yang banyak karena pada dasarnya situs redirect tersebut sudah memiliki popularitas tinggi di search engine

Rangkaian 11-90 hz Subwoofer Filter Using TL072 Op-Amp

The subwoofer filter circuit allows the addition of subwoofers to an existing full-range system, offering adjustable low-pass filtering with optional R6 and R8 boost and mono-summing.
Rangkaian 11-90 hz  Subwoofer Filter Skema Rangkaian 11-90 hz Subwoofer Filter
Using TL072 Op-Amp

TL072 Op-Amp

The Subwoofer filter circuit to remove for separate pre amplifier to drive the low frequency sound a lot. In tone, call tone, normal Can not be done … is a fine deep low bass sounds like a bass drum, or at a movie complex in a low voice if we can be heard with But to add cabinets and amps. The subwoofer circuit is pass low frequency with in 11-90 Hz. Switching power supply 12V cut out if they need to use +-15V. I had change the Capacitor to cut out vocals per the red circle mark.

6 Band Graphic Equaliser Circuit Using 741 Op-Amp

This circuit is 6 Band Graphic Equaliser ,you can adjust sound in low ,mid and high which circuit used IC 741 Op-Amp. With this circuit you can control and blend frequencies and tones as desired.

Essentially, the circuit consists of an IC 741 whose gain at various freguencies is determined by corresponding potentiometer setting.

6 Band Graphic Equaliser Circuit Skema Rangkaian 6 Band Graphic Equaliser Using 741 Op-Amp

The audiblefrequency spectrum is covered in six steps: 50Hz, 160Hz, 500Hz, 1.6kHz, 5kHz, 16kHz. All potentiometers are of 100kΩ linear type. The circuit provides adequate boost / cut for normal use.

power supply for the circuit can be derived from the amplifier / preamplifier itself. The wide rangeof supply voltage (6V-20V) makes the circuit very versatile. Power consumption is negligible.

list Component
R1,R2,R3,R4,R5,R6 : 27kΩ     C1: 100n      C6: 300pF
R7: 470kΩ C2: 33n C7: 100uF/16V
R8: 330kΩ C3: 10n C8: 4.7uF/16V
R9: 100kΩ C4: 3.3n C9: 47uF/16V
R10: 4.7kΩ C5: 1n IC1: 741 Op amp
R11: 4.7kΩ
VR1,VR2,VR3,VR4,VR5,VR6: 100kΩ Linear Potentiometers

Rangkaian 400W MOSFET Amplifier

These amplifiers circuit can be used for virtually any application that requires high performance, low use Noise, distortion and excellent sound quality. Examples would be subwoofer amplifier should FOH stage Amplifiers, surround a canal a very powerful sound amplifier, etc. The 400W MOSFET-amplifier has four key stages of amplification. We are looking to start any Phase appropriate detail.
Rangkaian 400W MOSFET  AmplifierSkema Rangkaian 400W MOSFET Amplifier

  • Use + /-70V 10A DC dual supply for powering the circuit.
  • For L1 make 12turns of enameled copper wire on a 1cm him: plastic formers.
  • use 8 x IRFP448 MOSFETs in the final stages
  • Heat sink is Necessary for the MOSFETs. A 8x4x4 inch finned aluminum heat sink will do. There is no such thing as a heat sink That is too large.

As the name suggests All Q ,C and ZD the Bias and buffer phases. Its main goal is to provide a stable MOSFET Gates and offset voltage and the voltage buffer amplifier stage of the High Resource capacity. What would have without the phase response and the effect Slew rate is indeed very bad. The flip side of the coin is not the extra step Introduction of an additional dominant pole in the amplifier feedback loop.

Also to what the name suggests this stage converts the voltage developed in the VAS and provides all the amps required to drive at 8 or 4 ohms. 2-ohm loads are possible for several minutes at a time. In fact, I have tested more than 1600 1kW amplifier Watts RMS at 2 ohms. But that would not be recommended as a long-term exposure at all. If it is higher than the figures of the STI-amp. Power to the AV amplifier 800 The components of the power for this amplifier are as follows, and are favored A channel or a power module alone. 1 toroidal transformer with a rating of 1kVA. Primary windings are made to fit

Audio Peak Level Indicator By Op-Amp

simple circuit PEAK indicator of foliage of the musical signal. This circuit was designed to provide a valuable test equipment tool for sound reinforcement systems like sound amplifiers and the like. The circuit is formed by an input buffer and ac to dc voltage converter (IC1A) feeding a window comparator (IC2A, IC2B, IC2C) which illuminates one of three LEDs at a time.

Audio Peak Level Indicator By Op-AmpSkema Rangkaian Audio Peak Level Indicator By Op-Amp

No setup is required: if correct values are used for resistors R3 to R7, LED D1 will illuminate at 0dB input (0.775V RMS), LED D2 at +5dB input (1.378V RMS) and LED D3 at +10dB (2.451V RMS).

The circuit was optimized for low current consumption as it was intended for battery operation. To achieve this, the best arrangement has proven to be the one using two different op-amp types for IC1 and IC2. In fact the LM393 IC was not operating satisfactorily as dot-mode LED driver, whereas the LM324 was unable to charge C2 in the linear way, as expected. Therefore, the final circuit is some op-amp wasting, but the small added cost will be quickly compensated by battery savings.

List Component:
R1    : 300K         D1,D2,D3 : LEDs
R2 : 1M2 IC1 : LM393
R3 : 510K IC2 : LM324
R4 : 220K IC3 : 78L05
R5 : 91K SW1 : SPST Toggle or Slider Switch
R6 : 160K B1: 9V PP3 Battery
R7 : 56K
R8,R9 : 100R
R10 : 220R
C1 : 100nF
C2 : 1µF/63V
C3 : 10µF/25V

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Interview Part 15: Get Journey-Down on It!

Today we feature a very amazing person that requires no introduction, so I'll skip it and save you some of your valuable time to waste on the interview.

1) What is your favorite AGS and/or non-AGS game?

I really enjoyed part two of Technobabylon, and am currently playing part three and liking it a lot. I loved Snakes because of its mad originality, and I really, really enjoyed Shifter's box. I've liked more or less all Ben's games to be honest. What really amazes me with him is the incredible speed of his development. I envy the skill he has to chop a game down to it's most important parts and then simply excel at making those parts tick nicely together in virtually zero development time. It's sort of the opposite of what I do, heh. Apart from AGS games I obviously am a huge GF fanboy, though I definitely like GF more for it's ambiance than for its puzzles/gameplay, that to be fair weren't always that clever. To me GF could just as well have been a movie. (Yes, I have seen Casablanca, and I love it.)

2) Since you are new (relatively) to the forums, tell us how you got here, and how do you like it so far.

I have no idea when I first stumbled on AGS to be honest, I have known of it's existence for almost ten years I feel, that I'd wind up here some day and make games with AGS I suppose was sort of inevitable.

I think the AGS forums, like most other forums I've spent time on tend to suck you into a million different stupid threads that quite frankly are nothing but a big waste of a developer's time. I intentionally did not join the forums until TJD was almost finished, knowing I'd just end up blabbering my time away instead of actually doing any real development. That said, I think the forums DO offer a great place for people to discuss the ins and outs of game making and I've seen many a gameplay / technical issue be resolved by people willing to help developers in need. It's heartwarming to see the masses wanting to help each other release as polished titles as possible. One thing that has struck me as odd is that people do virtually no asslicking on these forums, this really has me impressed. I remember hanging around the forum, seeing that 95% of the posts were fanboy's licking successful artists bums. Had this been, A person like, say Dave Gilbert would be stalked by airheads, following his every move swamping his every post with agreeing nods and words of sugar coated love. I'm glad the AGS forums do not suffer from this lame stagnant disease. It halts production and makes people only post because they want their d1ck stroked and don't actually expect any real critique, it's incredibly counter-productive. What I'm trying to say is that the AGS crowd is incredibly honest, and I respect and appreciate that a lot.

3) You've won eleven awards on one night, which is something unprecedented. Comment on that.

What can I say, I figured TJD would win a couple of awards seeing I had received so much positive feedback from the community, but I had no idea it would end up winning so many awards. I was expecting that the technobabylon games would win a lot more of them. If they were one single game I'm guessing their odds would have been a lot better. Seeing they split their votes in two, it's difficult competition- not totally fair to be honest. I'm sure history will give the technobabylon series the cred they deserve one way or other anyhow, so no harm done there I'm sure. Anyhow, I like to think that the amount of awards won, is directly connected to the amount of time I've spent working on the game. I have no doubt that technobabylon, snakes and eternally us were all large projects in their own rights, but the sheer amount of man hours I've put into the development of the Journey Down can't be ignored, and I am confident that they are central to the fact that the game came off as polished as it did.

4) A lot of people praise TJD for its very lucas-artsy style and atmosphere. Was this intended? Is there a game that affected the process and that TJD is based /inspired on?

I never intended the game to feel like a Lucasarts game, that it ended up doing so however, is hardly a surprise to me given my primary sources of inspiration. The cartoony art style I've developed for TJD has a deep base in my love for classic lucasarts adventure games. Primarily MI2, Full Throttle and Grim Fandango. If you combine these styles with my earlier flair for dramatically lit sci-fi environments and my love for African art, what you get is The Journey Down. To be more specific, MI2 inspired my quirky environments, GF inspired my characters, and FT inspired my cinematic storytelling. What amazingly beautiful games they are.

5) You're into the making of a HD version of TJD. Would you like to talk a bit about that? (Tell us about the goal, the team, the game)

The HD version of JD came about when I started getting down and dirty implementing stuff on chapter two. I felt that I was truly killing my art when squishing it down to 320x240 and it really hurt seeing all my juicy details disappear in a blur. I decided I wanted to make chapter two higher res. When I started doing that, I realized that what I had really looked like a commercial product that could actually have some kind of market value. I understood however that there's no point making a hugely detailed chapter two, if chapter one doesn't capture enough players to actually be interested enough to find and pay for the second episode. Hence, I decided that a polished commercial release of part one would be a better starting point for the series. Not that I necessarily believe high-res is a huge selling point. (Just look at all the niche love Gemini Rue is getting!) But I do believe that higher res, voice acting, and some additional gameplay might just be what the game needs to truly click with a larger audience. JD is way more casual than rue and quite honestly has a different target crowd, though they're both geared toward adventure game fanatics, JD at least in theory also has the possibility to appeal to the newer, casual game crowd. They will prefer high res. I think?

The goal is to release chapter one HD q4 2011 on as many platforms as possible. What that means specifically is still very vague and depends on many, many factors. One of them being if our lusting passion for jumping into the source code of the AGS game engine will be fulfilled. After the first chapter's release we hope to release one chapter every six months, once we get the steam going properly. Pun not intended:P

The core team is me, my animator colleague Henrik, both programmers at SLX, Markus and Mathias (who both contributed to the original JD, by the way) and the musician Simon D'souza who simply works by contract from the UK. Other than that we now have a huge and awesome voice team, spread out allover the world. I intend to introduce team members as time goes by over at the devblog (, so keep your eyes peeled there for more info about us gaming junkies behind the scenes!

6) Tell us a bit about yourself. What do you do besides storming the awards?
I live in Gothenburg, Sweden, me and my fiancée just moved to a tiny little cottage by the coast and are just about to have our first mini-human together. Lots of things going on there. Other than that I work with games for a living. As mentioned above, me and three other guys run a small company named SLX Games, where we primarily work with our online game on I mostly do art there but as we are a rather small company we all tend to do a little bit of everything on most projects, including crummy administrative tasks and general community bantering. Other than that we do advergames and other media and code consulting junk, and more importantly for this interview, we recently started dedicating a slice of our time to the HD version of TJD. I have no "Free" time, really. When I'm off work and not cuddling with my ultra-pregnant fiancée, I'm still painting, sketching and drawing on TJD. That's all I ever do, and I love it:)

7) You've said many times that Jack (from Snakes of Avalon) should have won, is there something you'd like to comment on that? (Why are you saying it, why do you like Jack, something you'd like to tell to Igor via this interview)

There's nothing in an adventure game that bothers me more than having a grouchy player character that just whines and moans about anything and doesn't want to do any real adventuring. It's negative feedback before a player even tries anything. Bwana, to me, is a comfortable player character, he's always happy and positive and usually glad to try any stupid thing the player throws at him. Jack is in the same way never denying the player anything. Though his mad drunkenness and his somewhat hostile environment and moose/fish ego keep stopping him, but that's a different story. Also I always like to think that if a person is constantly drunk and obnoxious, there's a reason and likely a tragic story behind that. we get to explore that with Jack and I find that to be an incredibly powerful story device, I'd love to see it pushed even further. All in all it makes Jack a very funny yet layered character to explore, I like that a lot. Bwana, to be frank, is fun to play, but not very dynamic. (Yet, at least.)

8) Where did you learn to draw like that? Is there a secret ingredient? (You can tell me!)

Heh, I've just always been drawing. It's all I ever do. That way you learn:) I've also been doing a lot of work with 3D so through that I learned a lot about lighting and color theory, which really has helped me a lot. My tip to anyone who is insecure when drawing is to do one thing at a time. Professionals do everything at once, but when learning, ONE THING AT A TIME is a very, very good idea. Learning perspective theory WHILE learning Light theory WHILE learning anatomy WHILE learning composition will result in nothing but a jumble. Hit one challenge at a time and you'll have an easier time identifying what's wrong with your picture. That's what it's all about really, finding your image's faults, and understanding why or how to remedy them.

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Get the Journey Down, by clicking here, or somewhere, it's not like it's pixel perfect
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Tips Merawat Hard Disk PC Anda

harddisk, harga harddisk
Tips Merawat Hard Disk PC

Meskipun dewasa ini harga PC, Laptop, Notebook maupun komponen-komponennya sudah semakin murah dan terjangkau, namun tak ada salahnya kita merawat dan memelihara dengan baik segala piranti komputer kita agar umur dari piranti dan komponennya tersebut bisa lebih lama dari biasanya. Di bawah ini ada beberapa tips yang mungkin bisa anda coba untuk merawat dan memelihara perangkat komputer anda.

1. Menjalankan chkdsk
Untuk mengantisipasi error pada harddisk, kita bisa mencoba menanganinya dengan chkdsk. Error berupa masalah tabel partisi, bad sector, cluster yang hilang, error directory, atau file yang tersebar bisa dicoba ditangani lewat program chkdsk. Error pada harddisk bisa menyebabkan harddisk tidak bisa booting, dan pada akhirnya downtime.

2. Gunakan Utility Monitoring
Sekarang telah tersebar banyak aplikasi yang bisa anda gunakan untuk memantau kesehatan harddisk anda, Salah satu yang bisa dijadikan pilihan yaitu Acronis Drive Monitor, Aplikasi ini mampu memantau suhu harddisk hingga persentase ruang kosong harddisk.

3. Instalasi Sistem Operasi dan Data Cecara Terpisah
Dengan memisahkan data ke harddisk yang berbeda, pembacaan / penulisan di harddisk tempat instalasi sistem operasi akan lebih sedikit karena banyak operasi I/O terjadi pada harddisk data. Dengan melakukan hal itu, kita bisa memperpanjang umur harddisk tempat SO diinstall serta mempermudah pemindahan data jika harddisk SO gagal.

4. Sirkulasi Udara yang Cukup
Meskipun terkadang dianggap kurang terlalu penting, tapi masalah sirkulasi udara juga perlu mendapat perhatian. Jika PC diletakkan pada ruang yang sempit, maka komputer akan selalu dalam keadaan panas, yang akhirnya akan memperpendek umur komponen didalamnya. Jika memang terpaksa diletakkan pada ruang / tempat yang sempit, cobalah memberi tambahan kipas untuk menyedot panas dari dalam PC.

5. Mewaspadai Arus Statis
Masalah ini sebenarnya tidak perlu disebutkan lagi, Arus statis merupakan musuh besar komputer. Perhatikan peletakan harddisk. Terkadang kita meletakkan harddisk di atas speaker, TV maupun perangkat lainnya yang dapat menghasilkan gelombang elektromagnetik.

6. Defragmentasi Harddisk
Drive yang terfragmentasi, didorong untuk bekerja lebih keras daripada yang seharusnya. Padahal semua harddisk harus digunakan pada kondisi yang paling efisien untuk menghindari pemakaian yang berlebihan. Untuk cara amannya, aturlah PC anda untuk defragment setiap minggu. Ini berfungsi untuk memperpanjang umur harddisk agar lebih efisien dengan menjaga struktur file.

7. Melakukan Penghematan Daya
Sebagian besar OS dapat mengkonfigurasi harddisk untuk diam setelah rentang waktu tertentu, usahakan selang waktunya tidak kurang dari 15 menit karena ketika tidur, harddisk tidak berputar sehingga tidak ada energi yang tersedia.

8. Melakukan Back-Up Rutin
Terakhir, Untuk mewaspadai sewaktu-waktu harddisk anda tewas, akan lebih baik jika anda teratur melakukan back up. Banyak tersebar utility back up dewasa ini. Jadi apa salahnya mencegah sesuatu yang tak diinginkan ???  

Who let the source out?

Who, who, who?

Well, me and CJ, that's who.

  1. CJ has released the AGS Engine (to add to the already released Editor) source code.
  2. I released the walkcycle generator source code.
Darn CJ for overshadowing my own release... I haven't looked at the walkcycle generator for nigh on 3 years, so apologies if its broken or rubbish! Please give Steve McRea and myself acknowledgment if you use the code at all.

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Konser Justin Bieber di Indonesia

justin bieber, konser justin bieber
Justin Bieber
Sabtu 23 April 2011, Sentul International Convention Center ( SICC ) Bogor menjadi saksi kepuasan para Beliebers ( fans Justin Bieber ) melihat penampilan idolanya, Justin Bieber. Mulai Sabtu sore, SICC Bogor telah dipenuhi ribuan penggemar Justin Bieber. Sebagian besar dari mereka merupakan kawula muda yang antusias melihat penampilan langsung Justin Bieber. Konser Justin Bieber di Indonesia tersebut baru dimulai Pukul 20.00 WIB, Konser yang bertajuk Justin Bieber My World Tour itu juga membuat kemacetan di jalan-jalan Sentul City macet total. Ribuan Beliebers memang telah menunggu saat-saat yang menghebohkan ini, bahkan sebulan sebelum gelaran ini dimulai, tiket konser yang dibanderol Rp 500.000 - Rp 1.600.000 telah habis terjual.

Dalam konser itu, Dengan diiringi penari latar berjaket hitam, Bieber memuaskan para penggemarnya di indonesia dengan membawakan lagu perdana, Love Me. Kemudian dengan kacamata hitam dan jaket, Bieber menyapa para penggemarnya, "Hai Indonesia. Saya senang berada di sini, Saya melakukan apapun untuk bisa ada di sini."

Saat membawakan lagu Bigger, Penyanyi didikan Usher ini menunjukkan kemampuannya Breakdance. "Ini konser yang sempurna di dunia. Kalau kalian senyum saya akan lanjutkan konser ini." pinta Bieber yang sontak langsung membuat penonton histeris. Total sebanyak 17 lagu dibawakan Bieber dalam konser itu. Setelah membawakan lagu ke-16, Bieber berlalu ke belakang panggung, seketika itu penonton meneriakkan " we want more, we want more" Akhirnya Bieber pun keluar dari balik panggung dan membawakan lagu berjudul Baby yang sekaligus menutup Konser Justin Bieber malam itu. Konser Justin Bieber itu berakhir pukul 21.48 WIB.

Penonton Konser Justin Bieber tak hanya dari kalangan umum, di bangku depan VIP terlihat para artis seperti Moldy Radja, Melly Goeslaw beserta suami, Anto Hoed, Diah Permatasari dan bintang sinetron Ussy Sulistiawati menikmati penampilan Bieber. Bieber tiba di Indonesia Jumat 22 April Sore bersama pacarnya Selena Gomez. Kedatangan Justin Bieber menyedot perhatian ratusan Beliebers yang ingin menyambut kedatangan idolanya. Tapi sayang, para fans yang telah menanti berjam-jam itu harus gigit jari ketika Bieber keluar dari pintu kedatangan yang lain sehingga hanya segelintir penggemar yang melihatnya.   

Jumat, 22 April 2011

Late news

Yes, OK, it was nearly 3 weeks ago, but AGS 3.2.1 was released! Here's the change list, including who made the changes including the person who did the coding, now that AGS is opened up:

  • Added Find/Replace In All Files capability (Tzach Shabtay)
  • Added GUI control snapping, alignment, grouping and locking to GUI editor (Steven Poulton)
  • Added loop cut/copy/paste, Flip All Frames and Import From Sprite Folder options to Views in editor, to access this right-click to the right of the loop (Tzach Shabtay)
  • Added RGB colour selector to the various colour properties (ProgZmax)
  • Added Characters option to room editor to show all characters set to start in that room (ProgZmax)
  • Added Find All Usages right-click option to script editor (Tzach Shabtay)
  • Added current co-ordinates display while dragging objects/characters in room editor (Steven Poulton)
  • Added syntax colouring to dialog scripts (Steven Poulton)
  • Added Dialog.ShowTextParser script property (CJ)
  • Upgraded to latest version of LEC template (abstauber)
  • Middle mouse button now activates the "Copy co-ordinates to clipboard" option in all the room editor modes (ProgZmax)
  • Fixed D3D tints not working properly (3.2 regression) (Nefasto)
  • Fixed crash drawing GUIs with no background (3.2 regression) (CJ)
  • Fixed crash restoring/restarting depending on state of crossfading (CJ)
  • Fixed intermittent crash moving objects and using the Ctrl+A debug option (CJ)
  • Fixed "crossfade buffer null attempting transition" if you restored a save game that had a different current transition type to the current game position (CJ)
  • Fixed script editor tooltips getting stuck if they appeared over the tab bar at the top of the editor (Tzach Shabtay)
  • Fixed editor error if you deleted a room that a character was set to start in (CJ)
  • Fixed co-ordinates displayed in room editor not reflecting Low-Res Co-ordinates setting (ProgZmax)

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Manfaat Facebook Dalam Menjalin Hubungan

facebook, tips facebook
Facebook, sebuah jaringan pertemanan yang didirikan oleh Mark Zuckerberg ini bisa dikatakan telah merajai dunia internet. Dengan jumlah pengguna yang fantastis telah mengantarkan Facebook ke puncak kesuksesan. Sudah banyak website-website ternama yang menggunakan Facebook sebagai opsi Login. Namun sepertinya kemudahan yang telah disajikan Facebook banyak disalah-gunakan oleh beberapa orang yang mengutamakan kepentingan pribadinya. Kita bisa lihat kasus-kasus yang telah tercipta akibat Facebook, seperti kasus penculikan seorang remaja putri yang diculik oleh kenalannya di Facebook, kasus penipuan lewat Facebook oleh Selly yang pada akhirnya membuat Facebook sempat dilarang untuk diakses.

Namun melihat kenyataan yang ada  ( dengan melihat dari segi positifnya ), banyak manfaat yang telah tercipta lewat Facebook, antara lain :

Pertama, Facebook telah membuat hubungan antara tokoh-tokoh pemerintahan dengan rakyat menjadi lebih dekat dengan banyaknya tokoh-tokoh pemerintahan membuat account Facebook. Sehingga rakyat biasa bisa menyampaikan aspirasinya lewat Facebook.

Kedua, Dengan maraknya artis maupun public figure membuat official fan page membuat para penggemar semakin dekat dengan para idolanya dan mengetahui update terbaru tentang idolanya lewat Facebook.

Ketiga, Facebook juga telah berjasa menghubungkan kembali pertemanan yang sempat loss cukup lama. Cukup dengan mengetikkan sebuah nama, sekolah maupun tempat kerja, kita bisa mencari jejak teman lama yang sempat terputus komunikasinya.

Keempat, Sebuah bisnis bisa mengembangkan bisnisnya dengan memiliki laman di Facebook, selain itu juga bisa menerbitkan iklan yang tayang di sisi kanan Facebook.

Dan masih banyak lagi keuntungan yang kita dapatkan dengan hadirnya Facebook. Jadi, memang sebenarnya, asalkan kita menggunakannya secara positif, tentu akan mendatangkan manfaat bagi kita dan orang lain.  

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Kesalahan dan Kebiasaan yang Menyebabkan Insomnia

insomnia, gejala insomnia

Istirahat sangat diperlukan bagi tubuh kita untuk memulihkan stamina, dan salah satu caranya adalah tidur. Dengan tidur, setiap bagian tubuh kita bisa rileks untuk sejenak. Tapi terkadang ada pada sebagian orang mengalami gejala susah tidur, atau Insomnia. Biasanya, orang yang mengalami gangguan tidur seperti ini dikarenakan pola hidup yang kurang teratur. Beberapa diantaranya yaitu Makan atau minum saat tengah malam dan tidur terlalu larut. Berbagai kebiasaan buruk lainnya juga bisa menyebabkan tubuh terbiasa jauh dari disiplin tidur. Di bawah ini terdapat beberapa kesalahan dan kebiasaan yang dapat membuat orang mengalami Insomnia.

Terbiasa Meminum Obat Tidur
Inilah cara paling instant yang digunakan sebagian orang untuk bisa tidur dengan cepat. Namun yang sebenarnya terjadi adalah penyelesaian sementara dan tidak memecahkan masalah sama sekali. Obat tidur hanya mampu membuat anda terlelap untuk sementara waktu. Telah banyak studi yang  menyatakan bahwa memakai obat tidur untuk memaksa tubuh agar segera tidur malah bisa membahayakan bagi tubuh serta memperparah Insomnia.

Tidak Ada Persiapan Tidur

Persiapan menjelang tidur sangat dibutuhkan untuk merangsang otak agar segera rileks. Itu akan sangat membantu anda untuk segera terlelap tidur dan mengistirahatkan anggota tubuh anda. Jadi, persiapan tidur sangat dibutuhkan. Cobalah untuk mematikan lampu, TV, dan alat elektronik yang tidak perlu, dengan begitu menjelang tidur anda seakan sudah terlepas dari beban pikiran.

Tidur Siang yang Terlampau Lama
Tidur siang dengan durasi yang terlalu lama akan merusak pola tidur anda, sehingga anda jauh dari disiplin tidur. Selain itu juga akan mencegah anda tidur dengan nyenyak di malam hari. Jika memang di siang hari anda anda memang terpaksa harus tidur, cobalah untuk tidur dengan durasi kurang dari setengah jam.

Makan Makanan yang Manis

Makanan yang manis maupun yang mengandung karbohidrat bisa mengganggu fungsi kerja hormon menjelang tidur. Makan makanan yang manis membuat tubuh sulit untuk rileks. Solusinya, Hindarilah makan menjelang tidur, jikalau memang lapar, makanlah camilan yang mengandung protein karena makanan yang mengandung protein bisa mencegah kacaunya fungsi kerja hormon.

Selasa, 12 April 2011

Gutter Comfort: How Snakes of Avalon became the flawed hero of indie games

Dear reader,
I won't presume your reaction to these accusations, but I remain presumptuous in making them. You're an indie game fan, of course - but it's even more likely that you're one of a few hundred folks who considers yourself an indie developer. You make games, right? That's my best guess. Here's why that's worth remarking on, before we even talk about Snakes of Avalon: we have to agree on our shared context. INDIE GAMING's most salient grounding points are rooted in the notion that compromises in quality are necessary, because hey - You're on a budget (if you even have a budget) and you can't afford to rent a warehouse, let alone stock and staff it with expert light riggers, composite engineers, or a legal team. But, still, you somehow persist. The potential contribution of your Indie Game is greater than that of those so-called “AAA” games, which are inseparably bound to test audience consensus, board meeting red tape, and aggressive, ROI-minded streamlining. Your game would get watered down pretty fast in that world, and the bracing impact would be lost.

To them, your game wouldn't be worth making. To them, "indie games" are just a double-standard that grants freedoms and permits poor craftsmanship. But, still, you somehow persist. Because your story couldn't be told any other way. Because the greatest symphonies and poetry and novels and paintings weren't accomplished through market research and endured no sub-committees worth remembering - our great cultural inheritance is studded with masterpieces typically made by single individuals barfing their smelly guts out in either high-tone bravura or gritty greyscale, shown to anyone who will look. Now, to be worthy of this artistic inheritance and to make your contribution, you must persist without compromise. Indie Games are small, defiant stories told to anyone who will listen.

Snakes of Avalon is, in fact, a small defiant story told to anyone who will listen. We watch the storyteller barf his smelly guts out in the lowest of slapstick pathetia, but we're compelled by him. He's eager to glimpse the true, silently rumbling pulse of all meaning, but is interceded by his bouncing full bladder while respectable strangers look away with shame. Our protagonist is a failed man, once capable of greatness, who drowns his guilty blinking sorrow in a dive bar full of strangers. The more he drinks, the more he forgets, and it becomes easier for him to smile and for us to laugh along. Not a space marine or sexy gun-toting hero, but a drunken citizen, tearfully trying to remember a once shining truth and finding only watery beer - what can we do but laugh along as he stumbles. He's talking to a mounted fish, now! But still, he somehow persists.

If you've never been drunk and if you've never been a failure, Snakes probably isn't for you, indie developer. (Of course, that's no compliment to either this game or drinking. Or failing. Although I do recommend all three.) Because if you're going to create art, there are stern lessons to be found in this game - and though the vibrant punchlines are told boldly, they reveal the embarrassingly common thread of our ultimate ineptitude in the face of that true, silently rumbling pulse of all meaning. So, unless you've been a drunken failure at least once, you won't get the inside jokes. Also, get off the internet and work on your game, you unsoiled teetotaler. You've got a failure to finish.

Regarding the indie game double-standard I mentioned before, the game's creators Igor Hardy & Alex van der Wijst are getting by on charm. The main reason to play this game, the main reason to play any game, is for the story - which, in the case of Snakes, is as finely conceived and well-told as any other game I've played in years. The screenplay accomplishes its goals with warbling flourish - to further elaborate would necessitate the dissection of dialogue from character. Is that what video game reviews do? Or is it only done when the reviewer doesn't enjoy the game? Either way, if the writing IS the character who IS the art, then our gameplay experience is derived wholly from the blurry sensations of our melodramatic drunk; his ability to witness his immediate surroundings, his inability to do so, his desire to escape them, and his urgency to remember the greater truth of How did I get here, after all?

That being said, and as a small footnote to all of this, I should admit to being kind of curious about what these authors could make with a team of artists and animators? The "talking" animations were charming and, visually, Snakes is cohesive and self-reliant, but here's the deal. Double standard or no, developers (like yourself) are always at risk of losing the respect of their audience. Even though Hardy & van der Wijst have waltzed a wavy and deliberate line into risky stylistic territory, I can't help but feel that it's the finer production aspects that might prevent a wider audience from appreciating their great story. Voice acting is limited only to the cutscenes, and the recording quality of the spoken dialogue introduces those same old questions about developer resources and indie games and blah blah blah. The beneficial double-standard begins to deteriorate.

But, what if they had money to hire voice actors and a sound engineer... Or a team of animators? Or a 3D modeling engine? Who knows to what great heights this game might climb? Or yours! Just imagine how great your contribution could be, if only we lived in a world where profoundly written indie games have the staffs and budgets of those laser-sharp FPS cinemagasms that cost seventy five bucks to play. But it's only a dream, and one not worth sharing. I think we all know that it's better this way, and the joy of playing a game like Snakes of Avalon (or others like it) is that we're privileged to witness the creative process on its own terms. To play an independent game is to watch artists persist. In rare cases like this one, we get the chance to witness art being made. (I'd advise you to play worse games if you don't understand the difference.)

So, I propose we all drink a toast to Igor, Alex, and their man, Jack. Here's to cutting your own ragged path toward the truth. A toast to our shared circumstance - a huge, world-wide dive bar where indie developers like you and me can whisper our small, defiant stories and people will listen, all persisting into a night full of puns and sorrow, free drinks and infinite continues.

Richard Hofmeier is closest to glimpsing the unspeakable truth when speaking puns to empty streets at night. You can contact him through his website:

10 Orang Yang Ditampilkan Dalam Homepage Google

google, yuri gagarin, alexander graham bell
Beberapa Versi Logo Homepage Google
Google International sejak tahun 2002 telah memberikan penghargaan kepada 26 orang bersejarah dengan mengubah versi logo pada Homepage Google, serta ditampilkan seharian penuh atau bahkan berminggu-minggu pada homepage Google di seantero dunia. 

Berikut ini adalah orang terkenal dan bersejarah yang kelahirannya dirayakan oleh Google atau bisa dibilang disegani oleh Google :

Samuel Morse ( 1791 - 1872 )
Samuel Morse adalah seorang pembuat enkoding listrik yang sangat terkenal karena penemuannya. Ditampilkan di Homepage Google pada tanggal 27 April 2009.

Rene Magritte ( 1898 - 1967 )
Rene Magritte adalah seorang seniman surrealist dari Belgia yang sangat terkenal. Dia terkenal dengan gambar-gambarnya yang pintar, jenaka dan menghibur. Ditampilkan di homepage Google pada tanggal 21 November 2008.

Marc Chagall ( 1887 - 1985 )
Marc Chagall adalah seniman Yahudi modern. Ia merupakan pelopor seni modern dan salah satu dari seniman-seniman yang paling berhasil di abad 20. Ditampilkan di homepage Google pada tanggal  7 Juli 2008.

Diego Velazquez ( 1599 - 1660 )
Seniman pelukis dan potret yang satu ini berasal dari Spanyol. Banyak lukisan terkenalnya yang diabadikan dari makna budaya dan sejarah, raja-raja serta figur figur Eropa terkemuka sepanjang masa. Ditampilkan oleh Google tanggal 6 Juni 2008.

Walter Gropius ( 1883 - 1969 ) 
Walter Gropius adalah arsitek yang berasal dari Jerman, pendiri Bauhauss dan pelopor arsitektur modern. karena itulah Google menampilkannya pada tanggal 18 Mei 2008.

Alexander Graham Bell ( 1847 - 1922 )
Alexander Graham Bell adalah ilmwan dan penemu yang sangat terkenal, diantaranya adalah telepon. Graham Bell menjadi ikon pada homepage Google pada tanggal 3 Maret 2008.

Luciano Pavarotti  ( 1935 - 2007 )
Pavarotti, demikian dia terkenal. Seorang penyanyi Opera asal Italia yang merupakan bagian dari "The Three Tenors" dan salah satu penyanyi paling terkenal di dunia. Google menampilkannya pada tanggal 12 Oktober 2007.

Yuri Gagarin ( 1934 - 1968 )
Yuri Gagarin adalah seorang Cosmonaut asal Soviet yang termasuk manusia pertama di ruang angkasa dan orbit bumi. Yuri Gagarin ditampilkan pada tanggal 12 April 2007. Untuk mengenang peristiwa 50 tahun yang lalu, dimana Yuri Gagarin telah berhasil melakukan misinya,  hari ini tanggal 12 April 2011 Google kembali  menampilkannya pada homepage.

Edvard Munch ( 1863 - 1944 )
Dia adalah pelukis symbolist dari Norwegia yang dikenal dengan seni expressionistic-nya. Lukisannya " The Scream" adalah karya yang paling dapat dikenal dalam semua aliran seni dan inilah alasan Google menggunakannya pada homepage pada tanggal 12 Desember 2006.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle ( 1859 - 1930 )
Dia adalah seorang pengarang Inggris yang terkenal lewat roman-roman tentang Sherlock Holmes ( salah satu dari tokoh-tokoh imajinasi paling terkenal sepanjang masa ) Ditampilkan oleh Google pada tanggal 22 Mei 2006.

Sabtu, 09 April 2011

Modifikasi Layout Facebook pada Mozilla Firefox

Bosan dengan tampilan Facebook anda yang itu-itu saja ?

Berikut ini adalah cara untuk mengubah tampilan Facebook anda menjadi lebih menarik serta sesuai dengan selera anda. Silahkan gan...

1. Buka Mozilla Firefox anda, kemudian masuk ke

2. Pada halaman utama ( home ) klik Stylish for Firefox ( jika anda menggunakan browser Google Chrome, pilih Stylish for Chrome )

3. Langkah selanjutnya, anda akan diarahkan menuju halaman add-on Firefox. Lalu, klik Add to Firefox.

4. Pada jendela pop-up Software Installation klik Install Now

5. Setelah add-on terinstalasi , klik Restart Firefox
6. Kemudian, login ke halaman Facebook anda.
7. Pada pojok kanan bawah Mozilla Firefox anda terdapat logo stylish dengan lambang S, klik tombol tersebut dan pilih find styles for this site.

8. Langkah berikutnya, anda akan diminta untuk memilih themes yang anda inginkan. Klik themes yang tersedia untuk merubah layout facebook di browser anda.

9. Pada halaman berikutnya, anda dapat melihat preview tampilan facebook yang anda inginkan. Jika sudah sesuai dengan selera anda, klik Install with stylish

10. Akan muncul jendela pop-up Install user style. klik Install

11. Cobalah kembali ke halaman facebook anda, dan.... jReng..jReng... tampilan facebook anda telah berubah menjadi tampilan yang menarik.

Ini adalah tampilan yang saya gunakan pada tampilan Facebook saya :

layout facebook, mozilla firefox

Selamat mencoba !

Note : Maaf, demi mengurangi durasi loading blog, hanya gambar hasil akhir saja yang saya tampilkan. Selain itu, langkah-langkahnya juga tidak terlalu rumit bagi anda.

Rabu, 06 April 2011

DC Motor Controller Circuit Using 741 Op-Amp

This DC motor controller circuit using a 741 operational amplifier operating as a voltage follower where its non inverting input is connected to the speed and rotation direction of a potentiometer VR1. When VR1 is at mid position, the op-amp output is near zero and both Q1 and Q2 is OFF.

When VR1 is turned towards the positive supply side, the output will go positive voltage and Q1 will supply the current to the motor and Q2 will be OFF. When VR1 is turned to the negative supply side, the op-amp output switches to the negative voltage and Q1 will turn OFF and Q2 ON which reverses the rotation of the motor's direction.

Simple DC Motor Controller CircuitSkema Rangkaian DC Motor Controller Using 741 Op-Amp

741 Op-Amp Pinout

As the potentiometer VR1 is moved toward either end, the speed increases in whichever direction it is turning. The TIP3055 Q1 NPN power transistor has a collector current specs of 15A and VCE0 of 60V DC. The MJE34 Q2 PNP power transistor has a collector current specs of 10A and VCE0 of 40V DC.

Rangkaian 3V FM Transmitter

This 3V FM transmitter is about the simplest and most basic transmitter to build and have a useful transmitting range. It is surprisingly powerful despite its small component count and 3V operating voltage. It will easily penetrate over three floors of an apartment building and go over 300 meters in the open air.

The circuit is basically a radio frequency (RF) oscillator that operates around 100 MHz. Audio picked up andamplified by the electret microphone is fed into the audio amplifier stage built around the first transistor. Output from the collector is fed into the base of the second transistor where it modulates the resonant frequency of the tank circuit (the 5 turn coil and the trimcap) by varying the junction capacitance of the transistor. Junction capacitance is a function of the potential difference applied to the base of the transistor. The tank circuit is connected in a Colpitts
Rangkaian 3V FM TransmitterSkema Rangkaian 3V FM transmitter

Place the transmitter about 10 feet from a FM radio. Set the radio to somewhere about 89 - 90 MHz. Walk back tothe FM transmitter and turn it on. Spread the winding of the coil apart by approximately 1mm from each other. No coilwinding should be touching another winding. Use a small screw driver to tune the trim cap. Remove the screwdriverfrom the trim screw after every adjustment so the LC circuit is not affected by stray capicitance. Or use a plasticscrewdriver. If you have difficulty finding the transmitting frequency then have a second person tune up and downthe FM dial after every adjustment. One full turn of the trim cap will cover its full range of capacitance from 6pF to 45pF. The normal FM band tunes in over about one tenth of the full range of the tuning cap.

So it is best to adjust it in steps of 5 to 10 degrees at each turn. So tuning takes a little patience but is not difficult. The reason that there must be at least 10 ft. separation between the radio and the FM transmitter is that the FM transmitter emits harmonics; it does not only emit on one frequency but on several different frequencies close to each other. You should have little difficulty in finding the Tx frequency when you follow this procedure.

25V Capacitor Bank for OCL Amplifier

Rangkaian 25V Capacitor Bank

The circuit diagram below shows how the +25V DC and -25V DC are obtained. In order to provide power supply for stereo amplifiers, a power transformer rating of 80VA with 240V/36V centre tapped secondary winding is used. The secondary output of the transformer is rectified by using four 1N5401 diodes together with 4 electrolytic capacitors to smoothen the ripple voltage. A fuse and a varistor are connected at the primary input to protect the circuit against power surge. Here you can see the circuit’sdiagram diagram

25V Capacitor Bank for OCL AmplifierSkeme Rangkaian 25V Capacitor Bank for OCL Amplifier

Basic Capacitor Bank for OCL Amplifier
Although shown with 4,700uF filter capacitors, larger ones may be used. Anything beyond 10,000uF is too expensive, and will not improve performance to any worthwhile degree. Probably the best is to use two 4,700uF caps per side (four in all). This will actually work better than a single 10,000uF device, and will be cheaper as well.

It is essential that fuses are used for the power supply. While they will not stop the amp from failing (no fuse ever does), they will prevent catastrophic damage that would result from not protecting the circuit from over-current conditions.

Senin, 04 April 2011

Memetik Hikmah Di Balik Setiap Peristiwa

Setiap peristiwa atau kejadian yang kita alami dalam kehidupan sehari-hari mengandung hikmah untuk bisa diambil pelajarannya. Baik peristiwa yang baik maupun peristiwa yang tragis dan menyedihkan. Hikmah yang terkandung dalam setiap peristiwa tersebut bisa kita jadikan sebagai pelajaran untuk bisa menghindari kegagalan di masa depan. Peristiwa yang kita alami dalam kehidupan sehari-hari mengandung pesan moral tingkat tinggi jika kita mampu menggali hikmahnya secara lebih rinci. 
hikmah, peristiwa, kesedihan
Tapi sangat disayangkan, sebagian besar orang justru malah larut dalam suatu peristiwa tanpa berpikir panjang tentang masa depan. Sebagai contoh, banyak diantara kita yang justru larut dalam kesedihan yang berkepanjangan jika ada seseorang di lingkungan kita, entah itu kekasih, saudara, orang tua ataupun sahabat kita meninggal dunia.   Mereka akan terus menangis tersedu-sedu dalam kesedihan di atas pusara dengan memanggil nama kekasih, saudara maupun orang tuanya. Memang itu menyakitkan dan menyedihkan, dan memang tak ada salahnya kita mengungkapkan kesedihan kita karena ditinggal orang yang kita sayangi. Namun tak perlu diungkapkan secara berlebihan, sewajarnya saja. Kita masih mempunyai hari yang panjang, janganlah  dihabiskan untuk larut dalam kesedihan. Jika kita mampu menggali lebih dalam tentang kejadian tersebut, kita akan mempu menerima semua itu dengan lebih bijak.
Hidup yang kita tidak tahu kapan ujungnya ini akan lebih baik jika kita isi dengan sesuatu yang baik, bijak dan bermanfaat. Kita bisa akan bisa menerima setiap ujian yang diberikan oleh Yang Maha Kuasa dengan sabar dan tawakkal. Yang terpenting adalah, jangan jadikan suatu peristiwa dalam hidup anda menjadi penghalang dalam usaha pencapaian keinginan anda.  Segala apa yang anda cita-citakan akan sangat ditentukan oleh diri anda sendiri. So, Tetap Semangat !!!

Jumat, 01 April 2011

Karakteristik Utama Orang Yang Kreatif

Para ahli selama bertahun-tahun telah melakukan studi di lapangan tentang gaya kehidupan orang-orang yang kreatif sehinggi bisa kita contoh dan bisa kita pelajari. Di bawah ini merupakan 8 karakteristik orang-orang kreatif yang telah disimpulkan oleh para ahli.

Pertama,  Tidak Mudah Mengikuti Arus
Mereka tidak mengikuti hal-hal yang bisa dikatakan "pada umumnya manusia" ( not following the rule ). Orang yang kreatif sadar kapan mereka harus mengikuti apa yang orang-orang lakukan dan kapan mereka tidak perlu mengikuti apa yang orang-orang pada umumnya lakukan. Orang Kreatif tidak menggunakan paham ikut-ikutan secara membabi buta. Mereka tidak mendengarkan semua, namun juga tidak menolak untuk mendengarkan semuanya.

Kedua, Spontanitas
Mereka tidak terlalu hati-hati, namun juga tidak sembrono. Bila terlalu hati-hati, justru akan membuat daya kreatif kita tidak dapat tumbuh. Terlalu sembrono ataupun terlalu gegabah juga tidak berujung pada solusi yang lebih baik.
Ketiga, Menyukai hal-hal yang Berbau Humor
Banyak orang-orang yang mencapai prestasi yang sangat tinggi mempunyai selera humor yang tinggi, hanya memang selera humor yang mereka miliki agak berbeda dengan selera humor orang-orang pada umumnya. Biasanya humor-humor mereka mengandung filosofi atau pelajaran hidup, jadi bukan humor-humor kampungan seperti orang-orang pada umumnya.

Keempat, Punya Kepekaan yang Tinggi Terhadap Dirinya Sendiri
Orang kreatif sangat peka terhadap apa yang mereka rasakan, apa yang mereka pikirkan dan apa yang mereka ucapkan. Sehingga mereka leboh banyak menggali ke dalam dirinya sendiri. Mereka memang membutuhkan bantuan orang lain, namun mereka tidak selalu mengandalkan orang lain.

Kelima, Bisa Melihat Sesuatu yang Tidak Bisa Orang Lain Lihat
Orang yang kreatif pandai melihat peluang, mereka mampu membaca potensi mereka yang masih tersembunyi, dan mereka mampu membaca sumber daya apa saja yang bisa digunakan. Orang Kreatif tidak terkubur oleh realita, namun berjalan diatas realita sehingga mata pikirannya masih mampi melihat dengan baik.

Keenam, Mempunyai Orientasi Hidup pada Tindakan ( Action )
Orang Kreatif menjadikan konsep sebagai acuan atau petunjuk. Jadi bukan suatu praktek yang asal ( tanpa konsep sama sekali ). Orang kreatif mempunyai idealisme tetapi bukan hanya idealisme. Mereka mempunyai kemampuan membuat konsep, keputusan dan perencanaan yang dapat dijalankan di lapangan. 

Ketujuh, Melawan Tantangan
Mereka tidak berpasrah terhadap kenyataan yang dihadapi, orang yang kreatif memilih keputusan untuk maju walaupun harus belok, melompat, maupun berhenti dahulu.  Mereka akan melawan tantangan yang ada di depan mata.

Kedelapan, Punya Perbedaan Tersendiri
Perbedaan yang dipunyai orang kreatif adalah perbedaan yang berarti punya keunggulan, keunikan dan estetika. Bukan perbedaan yang dibuat-buat, maupun perbedaan yang asal aneh. Perbedaan yang mereka miliki biasanya memiliki nilai positif yang sangat bermanfaat.

Fulfil Ben's Quota

Ben Chandler is interviewed over at Quote Unquote.