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Play This Pan

La Croix Pan gets a mini review and recommendation over at Greg Costikyan's Play This Thing blog. Greg, you may remember, was part of Manifesto Games who help Dave Gilbert publish his first commercial game, The Shivah.

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Pax Robota

PAX have chosen their top 10 games submitted... and Puzzlebots is among them! Go Daivy (that's short for Dave/Ivy)...

Cara Mrogram mikrokontroller AT89S52 Mengunakan Programmer 2.15

Mrogram mikrokontroller AT89S52 Via Programmer 2.15

Programmer 2.15 is a software specifically developed for programming, read, or erase the internal flash memory microcontroller AT89S52, Programmer2.15 also equipped with a text editor that can be used to create the program in 8051 assembler language and compiled directly in to the file hex

Programmer 2.15 windowPic 1. Programmer 2.15 window

How to use Programmer 2.15
  • Programmer2.25 is equipped with a text editor that functions to make programming in assembler language.
  • When finished making your program can compile directly using a shortcut assemblel / compile it (F9), if it found an error from the program list, programmer 2.51 will display an error message, and if there are no errors will appear the message "NO ERRORS FOUND"
  • after the compile process successfully you can directly write down (the download) to the flash memory at8951/52

How to program (to download) to the flash memory AT89S51/52

Assembler program that has been compiled with no errors can be directly in the programming or "the downloaded" to the flash memory AT89S51/52. Programmer 2.15 using parallel port for this download process. Also in need a special interface circuit such as circuit scheme is shown below.

rankaian antarmuka Programmer 2.15
rankaian antarmuka Programmer 2.15Pic 2. rankaian antarmuka Programmer 2.15

Before doing the download process needs to be done beforehand setting process, the setup process is done using a programming menu / setup (See figure 1.) Settings are done to select the parallel port address, memory lock bits mode, and determining conditions RST pin after the download process completed

Pic 3. settings window

  • Adjust settings such as the picture above
  • LPT1 address customize to your computer
  • Programmer2.15 suitable for programming (download) Microcontroller AT89S51/52
After doing the settings in the process of programming can be done through programflashmemory menu (F2)

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Menghitung Resistor LED Putih (Super Bright White LED)

LED (light emitting diode) is currently being widely used, among other things, traffic signal lights and indicator lights of the vehicle. Efisasi value (lumens per watt) LED increasingly make this light source is used widely in the field of lighting.

LED Super Bright Nyala PutihSuper bright white LED pic

LED is highly efficient light sources. Average white LED lamps that are marketed produce light efisasi of 32 lumens per watt (lm / W), and the results of the latest technological development is expected to produce 80 lm / W. LED operating life which has made a long-white LED light is very attractive.

Menghitung Resistor LED Super Bright Nyala Putih

The following formula to calculate the required resistance is as follows:

R = (Vs-Vd)/Id

  • R = resistance is needed (Ohm)
  • Vs = voltage source / power supply (Volt)
  • Vd = LED forward voltage (Volt)
  • Id = LED forward current (Ampere)
Lights will be used 3 pieces LED, when the voltage source using a 12 VDC car batteries. The question now, what is the ideal resistor values to inhibit voltage 12VDC, so that the LED does not die quickly?

So, (-12V (3.6 V * 3)) / .03 A = 40Ω

Thus, the resistor value for 3 pieces LED lights that are installed in series 20Ω

how to install it as below
Rangkaian LED Super Bright Nyala Putih
  • The voltage (Vd) and current (Id) white LED can be seen in the datasheet below
Datasheet 500TSW4DF Super Bright White 5mm LED
  • DC Forward Current 30 mA
  • Reverse Voltage (IR = 100mA) 5 V
  • Forward Voltage 3.6 - 3.8 V
  • Peak Pulse Forward Current (1) 100 mA
  • Avg. Forward Current (Pulse Operation) 30 mA
  • Operating Temperature -30 to +85 0C
  • Storage Temperature -40 to +100 0C

Interview Part 10: Beam Me Up Scotty - An inside view

Star Trek Fans ahoy! Non-Star Trek Fans ahoy as well! Upper Tier Studios (namely Matt and Kenneth or Tier and Disco if you like it more), have been working on an epic 3-part series based on the Star Trek Universe. There may be no Scottie, no Spock, no god-damn Cpt Kirk, but the game still proves to be great fun. So with no further s$%@ I present you the interview to Cpt James Tiberius Tier

1) First question. A very classic one for you. Do you have a favorite AGS game?

A tough question as always. I definitely don’t have a favourite AGS game but there are definitely several that I have really enjoyed playing over the years. Obviously the Chzo mythos and Ben Jordan series’ are nice to play. They have such engaging storylines. I’m definitely looking forward to the conclusion of the Ben Jordan series although it will be sad to see it end.

Probably one of the more memorable stand alone games I’ve played was Nelly Cootalot – Spoonbeaks Ahoy. It had such a great art style and comedy storyline. Mmm, I should play that again, good times. I’m sure there are many more games I’ve forgotten but that is because I have a brain like a sieve.

(Indeed you have, but we still put up with you.)

2) You've decided to make a Star Trek game, completely disregarding the famous crew of USS-Enterprise. Was there a reason you want to share with us?

I do love the original characters of the Star Trek series but I thought this was a great opportunity to introduce a new ship and characters. It never really occurred to be when I first started making it to use the original cast for my characters. Hopefully people will warm to the characters I have created for the series anyway. You will start seeing more of the new ones as the series progresses. The last time I checked there are about 18 characters drawn ready to be introduced, eek!

3) You've said that the whole Star-Trek Newton games will be 3 parts of a trilogy, has that plan changed or the ending of the series will indeed be given on part 3.

I am definitely still going to be making this as a three part series. The reason for this was to make the creation much more manageable since I am still getting to grips with the engine (after 8 years…that is bad). It is likely that we will be making future three part series’ with the same characters, but that is another story for another day.

4) Everyone really likes the style of the backgrounds especially when we can see intern parts of a wall or a tube or a machine. Where do you get your inspiration from? And how long does it take to make one?

They style was mostly born out of a lack of art skill. I have watched a lot of the Star Trek Original series and thought that the colors of the sets were quite flat so I thought I would carry that through to the games. It worked out quite well for me I think.

It can take me anywhere between 1 and 3 hours to create a fully working background depending on the complexity. In the first game a lot of the corridor scenes were quite easily reproduced but in part 2, I have tried to make every room look unique which has made the creation process a little longer.

5) Will episode 2 feature any Star Trek cameos? Like Scottie?

The closed nature of the story means that it is unlikely that there will be any cameos featuring in the three games. Maybe in future episodes it could be fun to bring some original characters in, as long as I could do them justice. I am scared I would completely ruin their characters! I’d really love to use some of them if I could though.

6) You're working on this with Disco. Is he a real help? Would you say that you guys have good chemistry?

Our mutual interest in Star Trek means we are working on the same wavelength. In the first game he mostly did animations (good ones!) but in the second game he has also been providing me with puzzle ideas and he also drew a character for it. I think we work quite well together and hope it will continue in the future (as long as he doesn’t show me tunabeard again).

7) Unless I'm mistaken you and Disco will go to Mittens 2010 in Italy, are there any plans on blowing the rest AGSers' mind with a playable version of Star-Trek Newton 2?

I’m definitely going to be blowing their minds with something (*hides shotgun*). I will probably bring a copy of the latest build to Mittens to see if anyone is interested in playing it. Hopefully I will have a little time to work on bits of the game while I am in Italy since I will be bringing a trusty copy of AGS Editor with me and a really bad netbook!

8) Is there an estimated date of release for episode 2?

Good question. Originally I was planning on getting it done a long time before I left for Mittens but things haven’t worked out that way. Since I have pretty much no coding background, it has been difficult learning ways to script the puzzles I wanted to include. Fortunately, the hardest part is behind me and I am now in the process of finalizing the coding and puzzles while Disco finishes animating. I would like to say it would be ready by October (Wow that is almost a year after the first release) but it depends on how hard we work on it. Don’t worry, loyal fans, it WILL be released eventually.

Epilogue: Have a play at the episode 1 of Star Trek Newton, by visiting this hyperlink! And have a look at the episode's 2 in production topic here.

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Mi esposa es de espana, y espana estas campenones! VIVA!

Pick of the month moves on

Now you can blame someone else for picks of the month being late. After over fours years, Mr SSH has given up his imperium. Calin Leafshade has taken up the banner of picking as I'm too lazy busy these days. First up for July 2010 is "rein".

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Cara Menentukan Nilai Resistor Pada LED

Menentukan Nilai Resistor Pada LED

How to choose a resistor to turn on the LED? Why LEDs need resistors? That's because the LED does not have a current regulator, the LED will burn out if no resistor.

The amount of flow determines how bright an LED. Greater flow of the lighter flame of an LED. Current in the LED should be approximately 10-20 mA. When a current passes through a LED, the LED voltage drop of about 1.85 V or depending on the type of LED that is in use

LED picLEDs Pic

To determine the resistor on the led first consider the graph above (right graph ). Choose the desired LED light and use this chart to determine the required flow. For example, if the desired luminous intensity (high / dark light an LED) for 1, can be seen that the currents are in need of 20 mA.

This shall mean the current 20 mA to pass through the LED, to get the brightness of LED = 1. Now, we can calculate the voltage drop across the LED based on a known flow. Look at the graph on the left at 20 mA. Now you know that the fall in voltage of 1.85 V. Know that the voltage drop across the LED is not only a function of current, but also the color of the LED and the temperature (because of chemical differences in the LED).

Color Potential Difference (LED voltage)
  • Infrared : 1.6 V
  • Red : 1.8 V - 2.1 V
  • Orange : 2.2 V
  • Yellow : 2.4 V
  • Green : 2.6 V
  • Blue : 3.0 V - 3.5 V
  • White : 3.0 V - 3.5 V
  • Ultraviolet : 3.5 V
The following example circuit LED (Menentukan Nilai Resistor Pada LED) series / parallel based on Ohm's law, V = IR to refer to the list above the LED voltage

Led parallel
Resistor values = (voltage source - LED voltage) / LED current
  • Red LED resistor values (12 V- 1.8V) /0.02 A = 510 ohms
  • Blue LED resistor values (12V - 3V) / 0.02 A = 450 ohms
LED SeriResistor values = (voltage source - the total LED voltage) / LED current
  • Resistor values = (12V - 9.6 V) / 0.02 A = 120 ohms